Saturday, December 6, 2014

'Tis the Season! By C.P. Stringham

My homemade evergreen decorations! 
'Tis the season and I’m behind for my turn at the Broads of a Feather blog. I know. Big surprise! I was on time a few times. It escapes me exactly when those instances occurred, but they did. I could tell you I've been sick or busy writing or away on some secret spy mission—like I live a double life. Only I haven’t been doing any of those. It seems like life is always on fast-forward this time of year. Since it’s Saturday night and my post is a week late, I’m going to keep it short.
After finishing up my write-ups for the Near Westside Neighborhood Association Homes for the Holidays tour brochure, I started pulling out our totes of Christmas decorations from the garage. Instead of using string lights and such for the exterior of our 1950’s home, I decided to make my own primitive decorations using fresh evergreen. I spent two days crafting garland using white pine and made several wreaths. Last year, I made the garland for our small front porch and added simple deep red burlap accent ribbons. This year, I went grander. God only knows what I’ll concoct for next year! I just love teaching myself new ways to be creative. When I started making the garland and posted pictures on Facebook, my friends began posting the same horse head wreath picture, on both my wall and my daughter's, telling me I should make it. After the fifteenth posting, I decided to make my own version using real evergreens and hung the finished product outside of my equestrian daughter’s window. She came home from school and told me she loved it! Ironically, even after I posted a picture of my wreath, I still have folks posting the other wreath! Either they didn’t like my version or they missed the picture of the finished product.
I also can say that I’ve taken my last batch of senior photos. I’ve had the pleasure of taking pictures for several of my daughter’s classmates—kids I’ve known since kindergarten. Add to those sessions a nice engagement photo session with our friend’s daughter and her future husband. I take a ton of pics so it takes me a long time going through them. I delete bad shots right off the bat. No sense giving them space on my computer. Then I go through and pick my favorites. Not always an easy task. I cover blemishes, bleach teeth, and add my watermark. Sometimes I crop because I love close ups!! My favorite part is taking the edited shot and then trying different finishes. I may take one photo and finish it ten different ways. I like giving my clients lots of options. Thank you, Lesley, Shannon, Colton, Austin, Brittany, and Kory for allowing me the privilege of capturing a very important milestone in your lives! I still have Kory’s edits to finish and then I’m done!
Last Saturday night, we headed to Corning, NY for their annual Parade of Lights that kicks off their Crystal City Christmas celebration. We normally go to their Sparkle Christmas evening the following Saturday, but couldn’t due to Sydney’s Winter Ball at school.  So, we opted to attend the parade and Syd’s friend, Lesley, joined us for the evening. We arrived two-and-a-half hours early—as was suggested to us and totally unnecessary. To waste time, we walked six blocks for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, stopped by the outdoor ice skating rink, and went through stores on Market Street. The parade got under way at 6:30. Long after we were frozen solid and Syd found out why it isn’t a good idea to chug two large coffees back to back. Needless to say, my husband left with her to find a nearby restroom and they missed Santa’s float at the end of the parade.
Today, Saturday the 6th, we went as a family to the Clemens Center and watched The Nutcracker ballet. Quite a lovely production and, if Tchaikovsky doesn’t put you in the mood for Christmas, there’s no hope for you! Still humming it as I type this blog. Sunday is the holiday home tours. Looks like we’ll get our Christmas tree next weekend. Not enough time left in this one.
 I hope all of our Broads of a Feather readers are enjoying their holiday season!! 


  1. I've been enjoying your pics on FB :)

    1. All the fuss and prep and the day will be here and over with before I know it!!