Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Evilness of Creativity by Robin Janney

I know what you're thinking...' omg, an actual post and not just another picture?! Is she feeling ok?'
Well, yes and no.
One of the popular 'complaints' of creative people, writers or not, is how their creativity likes to kick into high gear at inopportune times. As in times when they can't take advantage of what their mind is creating at that exact moment. Whether it is driving, in the middle of the work day, in the shower... or in my case, when the computer decides to poop the bed.
Daisies at the junk yard.
I have tried everything I can find on the world wide web to try to fix it. I downloaded Windows 10 onto an USB device and gone through every repair step that came with it. I even tried putting Windows 10 on new since it acts like there's nothing there. To no avail.
And as soon as I decided 'yep, I need to take this to someone who knows more than I do.'... my writing gene which has been giving me the finger for a long while, decided to give it to me with both fingers and turned back on.
Of course, this happened about 5 in the morning when I was now trying to get some sleep before we went to the junk yard to find parts to fix our broken car. Plot points I've been struggling to connect started flowing and branching out and... I wanted to stab that part of my brain. I really wanted to sleep.
I debated writing some notes down...there's two different opinions about that. One being to take notes so you won't forget it, especially since you most likely will when you sleep. The other being, if it's a good enough idea... you'll remember it or come up with it again.
But for me, I had to grab my phone and write the bare bones down. It was the only way to shut my brain up. Although it was a temporary respite.
I was worried about my novel. I normally save to my computer and every once in a while I back up by sending myself the file thru email. But I couldn't remember when the last time I did that (April) and worried I had lost the newest material I had written the last time the writing gene had given me a glimmer. With no way to work on it, I was beginning to despair. Until I remembered my idle tablet.

I'm not sure why I don't use the Surface more than I do. But I remembered that I could use Word on it, and that documents could be saved on One Drive. So I dug it out of its hidey-hole and charged it. I could barely contain myself with hope! But I managed.

After all the updates, I went into my email and downloaded the last back up file I had sent myself to the One Drive. Once I'd found where I had left off in my story, I was dismayed to find that I had indeed not backed up after the most recent material I had written. But, they weren't the greatest and needed to be rewritten anyway. So far I haven't tried to rewrite word for word, my memory is no where near that good! Rather I am recalling the direction I was headed and going from there. I've had to rename a character; he was a new introduction and I hadn't given much time to him. With the name change, came a bit of an attitude change. To be expected really, since he is in essence a new character.

There's no telling how long it'll be before my laptop is fixed. With our broken car, we have other priorities. I prefer to write on a larger screen and keyboard - although I might see if I can use the wireless keyboard and mouse with the tablet. Maybe this weekend, since it's a three day one. We'll see.

Now, if I can just remember the 'great idea' that I had for my other blog... since I didn't write it down and don't remember it, maybe it wasn't so great!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I'm back!

You can read about my absence HERE.

For now, here's another picture from that vacation.

Our shadows...July 31 2017