Friday, December 26, 2014

Surviving the Holidays by Robin Janney

Here is it the day after Christmas, also known as Boxing Day in some countries.

I did have a post mostly written for this week, but I decided I didn't like it so I scrapped it and decided to start over.

A lot of people have had a hard holiday season.  Some were dealing with grieving the loss of  loved ones from earlier in the year, others dealing with divorce, others in our area still dealing with the blow of losing their homes in a block fire.  I even saw where a man lost his life late Christmas day in a car accident.  Not exactly a "merry" Christmas for everyone.

But even when things are good, sometimes the holidays can be hard to handle.  Especially when you start adding to the family.  And when you marry, it's hard for you and your spouse to be in two different places at once.  Although my family only celebrates Christmas and New Years, I imagine some of our issues must be somewhat universal.  Usually, if we do it right, Christmas can be celebrated on more than one day...but that's not how it worked out this year.  So my husband and I spent a few hours with his family. then spent a few hours with my family.

It was a good day.

Honest, I had nothing but coffee to drink
at this point.  Maybe some Pepsi.
Crowded at my mothers, but we managed.  We fit 11 people in my mother's small trailer.  Although my one brother left shortly after we got there to go to his second party, so then it was only 10.  Thankfully this group wasn't all adults, 4 were little boys.  Sadly I didn't get any pictures there, and the only one that turned out at my in-laws was the selfie I took and the one I took of the one dog.  I enjoyed the ribbons on the packages almost as much as I did the presents itself!

And I didn't do too bad eating on what I considered my "free" day.  I've been doing a good job at lowering my weight and my blood sugar recently, but decided it wouldn't hurt me to loosen up a bit for one day and enjoy the rich food.  My sugar was acceptable this morning, still a little high but well within a good range.  Of course, we brought some leftovers home along with some desserts so I'll have to be careful the next few days not to continue the trend.  I'm sure my husband will have no trouble helping me out by eating most of it for me, even though he ought to be watching his food intake as well.

Today is Boxing Day in some parts of the world.  My company gave today to us off because of how close Christmas was to the weekend, but we'll make up for it by working tomorrow.  Which is why my second cup of coffee today is decaf.  Hopefully the small amount of caffeine in it won't be enough to keep me up too late tonight - 4:30 AM comes way too early.  I like having two days off at Christmas though, it's far more relaxing.  Too bad we can't celebrate Boxing Day here in America as well!

Since New Years is now just around the corner, it's also a time to look forward.  I don't do resolutions anymore, but I do set goals for myself.  Like getting a real social media strategy worked out for the new year; hopefully that will eliminate late posts like this one.  One gift my mother gave me was a pocket 2 year planner.  I plan on using that to map out blog posts.  All subject to change should something interesting and blogworthy happens in the world at large or in my own little corner of it.  One thing I've noticed is that on my own blog, the more personal posts get more views than those on other topics.  I also plan to have book number 3 finished.  My upcoming surgery on my foot should help with that.  I also need to do some more research on writing non-fiction and biographies as I've had one friend ask me to write her story.  I really have very little idea on how to write non-fiction for anything longer than a blog post or essay, and know even less about biographies.  But I'm a smart girl and I'll get it figured out.

What holidays do you celebrate this time of year and how do you celebrate?  I love hearing about different traditions!

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