Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Holiday Madness by Robin Janney

How is it Thanksgiving again? Didn't we just have the Fourth of July?

But no, as I walk my dog and view the few lingering yellow maple leaves on the neighbor's tree mixing with wet snow from Saturday night, the chill winds cut through my hoodie and my feet mourn the fact that I have shoes on instead of flip flops. The weather suddenly agrees that it's November. (It was 68F when I went into work Saturday afternoon and it dropped to 35F in 8 hours!)

At the beginning of this writing, I wasn't even sure where I would be spending this Thursday. Hubby and I had invites from both sides of our family.  One is maybe a half hour drive, the other nearly three. Regardless of our differences, I wish that we all lived closer. Maybe I can talk my father-in-law into building a family commune on his property to house the main characters???  I might ask him someday just to see the look on his face before he exclaims, "No!"

And the decision was made Monday to go north on a three hour drive. It will be longer for us as we'll be picking up my mom and another early Thursday morning. Into snowy territory. Anything for family, right?

Wherever you end up this Thursday, may your day be a good one filled with cheer. Happy Thanksgiving.

And I'll try not to be such a stranger from here on out. If you want to know what I've been up to these past few months, you can check it out here. Nothing very adventurous really, just life.

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