Thursday, January 21, 2016


Maybe it’s the planets aligning just right this week (No, really, they are! Just ask the astronomers!) or my muse is talking to me again. Whatever the reason, I can honestly say I’ve had a decent word count and, despite the plans I had for a topic on the blog (I’d already started a draft), decided to “bank it” for a later week on Broads of a Feather in the near future.
Sia without her face covered...she doesn't like showing
her face in public anymore. (Photo courtesy of E! Online.)
I’ve blogged in the past about how important music is to me during the writing process. On Monday night, I created a new playlist that seems to be helping fuel my latest creative blaze. Some of the artists include: Sia, Passenger, Anna Kendrick, Sam Smith, and Ed Sheeran. I find Sia’s vocals particularly haunting—especially in Big Girls Cry.
The expressive Maddie Zeigler in Big Girls Cry. (Photo courtesy of
E! Online.)
 Sia wasn’t an artist I had even heard of until the controversy over Elastic Heart’s video came out. I live under a rock. I found myself watching the videos with Maddie Zeigler over and over. Especially Big Girls Cry. The choreography was so beautifully set to those songs and Maddie’s translations nailed the emotions of the lyrics so perfectly. I mean, how simplistic yet utterly spellbinding is Maddie performing in front of a black screen in Big Girls Cry? Subject and black screen is simplistic. The true artistry is found in her translation. I dare you to watch it without being moved to near tears. We've all experienced a relationship ending. The phases we go through. Emotions are turbulent. Regaining your own identity. It's all conveyed candidly. Another interesting element, Sia not only wrote the songs (love when performers write their own stuff), she was the co-director of the videos as well. I've also learned that she wrote a one-page story eight years ago and has recently co-written the screenplay with children’s book author Dallas Clayton for a movie titled Sister and Maddie Zeigler is slated to play the lead role. It was like Christmas morning when I read that little tidbit this morning!!
Dallas Clayton reading to school students. (Photo courtesy of Copiic)
Dallas Clayton is an internationally known author whose first book, An Awesome Book, was rejected by several large publishing houses, so he went on to self-publish into rock star success. He’s now signed on with Harper Collins and Candlewick Press and runs a non-profit that promotes childhood literacy. I’m in love. Just look at this photo---------> A man reading to children, is there anything sexier?!? *sigh* I bet he even does special voices while reading. Yea. He would totally do that. 

So as not to snub The Muse, I’m going to keep this week’s post short. Never fear, one of my biblical-length blog posts is on the horizon. The subject matter is on the serious side and will pull at your heartstrings as well as anger you about the injustice of it all. In the meanwhile, tune in next week for Robin’s turn at Broads of a Feather. 

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