Saturday, November 7, 2015

Reading Indecisions by Robin Janney

Time waits for no one...
While it is certainly no excuse, boy have I been busy!  You can read about my recent life Transitions here.

The shift change, coupled with the time change, has been interesting and beneficial to say the least.  Overall, I am feeling better and happier.  Except at first break at 5:15 pm when it is now dark...I have to admit that's a bit of a downer.  Let's turn the clocks back and keep them there so we have more daylight longer in the winter!

Other than that, I'm enjoying my new job.  It's warmer than my old, sweat dripping warmer...which I'll enjoy much more once it becomes colder this winter.  I love the smell of wood, and despite the potential splinters enjoy handling each door front I'm inspecting and repairing.  Door fronts for cabinets and cupboards and the like.  Technically I'm not allowed to say online where exactly I'm working, so I won't.  I find it a little paranoid of the  unnamed company, but in this day and age it's understandable I guess.

I have two breaks during the shift, first break and lunch break.  Well, on those nights we work long enough for a lunch break. I signed on just in time for their slow season and all last week I ate my packed lunch while waiting for Mr. Janney to get out from his department a few hours later.  And one thing I do on breaks and while waiting for hubby is read.

BUT - One thing has me at a loss right now --- what to read next.

Have you ever been there?  It's a little frustrating.

I had been reading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.  It is 14 books long...started in 1990 and not finished until 2013, almost 6 years after the author's death.  The last three novels were completed by Brandon Sanderson going from the notes Jordan left behind.

This was a reading jag that lasted months because of the sheer length of the series and the books themselves (several novels reach almost 1000 pages in length).  I love being immersed in an imaginary world, and this series delivers.  The only problem is, nothing else is interesting me at the moment.  I have books on my shelf to read...I have books in my Kindle archive to read...and nothing is striking my fancy.  I've started a few different books, and have abandoned them because they just didn't draw me into their world.

I'm not sure if it's due to a different writing style, amateur writing, or just because I'm "burnt out" for reading at the moment.  Perhaps one day next week I'll sweet talk Mr. Janney into leaving for work early and stopping by our local library to see if there's anything different there able to grab my attention.  He himself is not a reader, but he is wonderfully supportive of my love of reading and writing.  Even if it comes with some good natured ribbing from time to time!

We did just buy ourselves a new lunchbox, one big enough for us to share.  As I sit here typing, thinking about the small notebook I carry in my purse, I see the pink notebook I just recently bought at Walmart.  If there's enough room in one of the many pouches in our new lunchbox, I might start carrying that instead to write during breaks instead.  Maybe I've absorbed too many words and they need to come back out in a different combination???

Just a thought.

So tell me readers, what book or story are you reading right now?

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