Saturday, September 26, 2015

Long Time No Hear! by Robin Janney

My keyboard misses me...
It has been almost 2 months since either Carol or I have posted here, and for that I apologize.  Life cane be a whirlwind sometimes and catch you up in it's fury before you know it!  Carol has been very focused on getting her oldest daughter off to college, and I've been adjusting to not only working 8 hours a day again, but also 6 days a week, and my husband starting back to his second shift job

I don't know about Carol, but I'm exhausted...I get a ride into work now and she leaves earlier than I used to so my alarm - when it remembers to go off - wakes me at 4am...after having woke up once when Mr. Janney comes home around 12:30am and later when he comes to bed. I try going to bed earlier, but all too often I lay there wide awake for far too long.  I can be dead tired, up until I try going to bed and then...then!...does my second wind kick in!  Although it's often not enough to convince my aching body to get back up and do something constructive, so I read instead.  I'm even in the draggy part of the series I'm reading and that's still not enough to help me drop off!

Today I was lucky enough to have only worked half a day.  We were done shortly before 11:30.  I feel halfway decent at the moment.  I have weekend chores calling my name, but I don't feel like doing them just yet.  I want time to write and relax and enjoy myself just a little.  Especially since I have the house to myself as Mr. Janney had to work today as well.  Had he not, I'd be hanging with him instead.  No doubt I'll be watching the clock closer to the time he might be home in anticipation.  I usually only get to see him for a few minutes in the middle of the night, although we usually do chat on his lunch's just not the same!

Especially if I'm irked at him over something.  It's hard to have an argument with someone when your constrained for time and have to also fight with autocorrect.  But it's also easier to let that kind of stuff blow over.

My health is improving, although that torn tendon in my foot still likes to give me issues.  I see my foot doctor again next Thursday and we'll see if he's happy with my weight loss of about 25lbs and a lowered A1C reading of 6.1 instead of 7.  I'm not sure whether he'll consider doing surgery yet, but at any rate I'd like a new MRI before we even think about going ahead with it.  I mean, it's been 10 months since we decided on surgery.  If there has been ANY healing at all, I think we ought to consider other options if there are any.

Writing has been sporadic, not only on my blogs but in my third novel as well.  I work on it here and there, but often when I come home from work my brain is tired that I have a headache.  Oddly enough, the nights I have a headache are usually the easiest ones to fall asleep on.  It's been so long since my last foray into my crazy imaginary world that I will probably have to reread what I've already written so I can remember where I was at and where I was going...or at least how I was going to get there as I already know where I'm going with my story.  Sometimes the the trip from beginning to end can take a writer places she wasn't planning or even expecting.  That's half the fun!

Now that I've gotten the ball rolling again, at least here, I plan to post regularly again on my appointed week.  Provided life and my body and brain cooperate with me!

Enjoy what's left of the weekend friends!

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