Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Brief Interlude by Robin Janney

I can't say that I am all too happy with all the technology in my life.  I had my post all written up on the mobile app on my phone - I just wanted to come home and check it on the computer before I published.  Well, the app ate my post.  I can see where it's supposed to be, but it won't open no matter how many times I tap the screen.

I'll see if I can't recreate it.

My peers keep their distance
So that I stand alone
To face the coming winter
On my own

Naked and exposed
I raise my limbs to the sky
Offering all that I am
Though I am rotting away inside

I will stand firm
Rigid in my determination
As I have in years past
As I will for years to come

This is who I am
Who I was meant to be
Though the wind may blow
And the sky rain down

Not exactly how I had it written, but it will suffice.  I really didn't want to post much, because I didn't want to break the spell Carol had cast with her last spooky post.  I really don't like reading stories like hers, because I always start looking at the shadows cross-eyed.  But I read them anyway, with all the lights on.  It doesn't help that I include the supernatural/paranormal in my own sure does make it hard to sleep sometimes!

Speaking of, I've uploaded my Ring of Fire file to CreateSpace and Kindle Direct it's not much longer and they'll be hitting the shelves.  So to speak.

Ok, I have to go turn some more lights on as I await for the second part of Carol's story...

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