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Introducing Guest Author: C. R. Benson!!

     The first of (hopefully) many more guest author bloggers, the ladies of Broads of a Feather would like to welcome fellow Northeastern Pennsylvania indie author C.R. Benson! C.R. is also C.P. Stringham's nephew. His first novel, Bloodlust, is a combination Paranormal Suspense/Romance book and he has been receiving fantastic reviews from book review bloggers. If you are ready for something different in YA Paranormal books, then you need to get a copy of his book today. C.R. has added a maturer tone and a new twist to the genre. In other words, this isn't a reincarnation of the Twilight formula

"...a new novelist to watch." - Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

Book One in C.R. Benson's In Another Life Series

 C. R. Benson

     Hello, readers! I’d like to introduce myself for those of you unfamiliar with me, as well as thank the lovely ladies from Broads of a Feather for having me guest blog here. I go by many names; Cory, author C. R. Benson, Dad (by my son), and Pain in the ass (by my girlfriend). Exposing yourself as an untraditionally published author is tough, so I try to take advantage where I can to connect with new readers who may enjoy my work. I was only twenty-one when I began my first novel, Bloodlust, which is the first of the In Another Life series. After college, I was so inspired by me and my girlfriend’s story that I felt compelled to share it with others. Bloodlust, while filled with fiction and plenty of paranormal romance, began with the outline of how the mother of my child and I came together over three years ago. Of course, being a fiction novel, much of the story and events that take place are made up or exaggerated (extremely), but it still retains enough truth to mean something, which is
Are you reading C.R Benson's book?
If not, you should be! 
what I wanted. Also, I feel the need to mention that I hope my son is an avid reader like myself. He is hearing-impaired and has to wear hearing aids, so I pray that he falls in love with books as much as I did. Don’t get me wrong, most people would never believe I’m an author without proof. Indeed most people who see my book call me and say, “What? YOU wrote a book??” I was somewhat popular in school, but never the “yeah, I could see him writing a book, or even reading one,” kind of guy. I had many friends, but even with my chameleon-like powers that allowed me to blend into many crowds, I didn’t really fit in per se. There was always something a little different about me. That was before I started writing. I was never surer about myself then I am with a pen in my hand. Therefore, readers, if you’re into anything paranormal, young adult, or suspenseful romance, feel free to check Bloodlust available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or paperback. For your convenience, each highlighted word is a link.

     I’m finding things tend to get more difficult as I get older. My son, who will be three in December, no longer sleeps fifteen hours a day, so I went from writing ten pages a day to three at best. My better half (or so she likes to think) wants better things in life; a nicer house, a new car. And who can blame her; I can’t say she’s the only one. The reality is my son is getting older, we need more for our family, and, dude, I work a full-time job. Writing as a hobby is going to be a lot harder than I thought. However, it hit me the other night, while I was filling out my application to start my Bachelor’s in English, that I really want to do this full-time (writing, that is). Like a lock clicking into place, I’ve found my niche. My dream, readers, is to write for a living. Not for fame or glory (not that they wouldn’t be welcome), but for that career where I smile at work all day long. Remember them telling us in school that was the goal? Anyway, I hope to hear back from you if you enjoy my story, and thanks again for having me here. A special thanks to C. P. Stringham, for honoring that time-old belief that family is always there for family.

       For updates about my series, In Another Life, please follow me on Twitter @BloodxWolf, "Like" me on Facebook, or email me at

        Thank you, C.R. Benson, for dropping by and blogging at Broads of a Feather! We would love to invite you back sometime soon. And, just for our Broads of a Feather readers, a teaser for his upcoming book, Blood Feud!

Book Two Coming soon! Release date set for Fall 2014. And, just for you fans, a taste of what’s to come:

Book Two: Blood Feud
Revenge is a poison, like any other, 
that flows through the blood and changes that which we are.”

Anger and depression are all that remains within Mila as she finishes her final academic year at Global-Tech. Her life now back to how it had previously been, she returns to the Valley to an empty home and a lonely summer. Driven to the point of desertion, she meets a certain knowledgeable Priest, and together, they set their sights on an adventure farther north. Determined to rid the world of the Devil’s curse, Mila Baine becomes known as the Bain of the Wolves when her objectives become clear. However, this notoriety could become deadly when the Blood Wolves take notice of her. Can Mila finish what she started, or did she meddle with forces that are out of her grasp? Little is known about the curse and the Blood Wolves, and sometimes, evil twists the known into the unknown.

Mila thought she had seen all that there was to see when it came to Blood Wolves, but she is sorely mistaken. Now, she must face even more paranormal circumstances, the most terrifying of which is when an old enemy returns, vastly more powerful than before. More than that, however, Mila finds something she thought she had lost forever in the depths of the Blood Wolves territory.  

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