Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Much Ado About Nothing by Robin Janney

how my minds feels right now...
Here it is my week to post and I haven't got a good idea to blog about.

I take that back.  I have plenty of ideas. A lot of them 'good'. I just don't have the energy or the courage to write them. It was seriously hard enough getting out of bed this morning, and I even had  to have help with that. Unsolicited help at that. Husbands!

I could write about how I think the female lead Claire in Jurassic World has gotten a bad rap by feminists. Especially the criticism in general about her running from the T-Rex in heels. Heels she has been in through the entire movie, heels she traipsed through the wilder part of the park with.  And yet I have heard not one word of criticism about the chick fight in Furious 7 - during which Letty and the Head of Security not only dueled in heels, but formal dress as well. A scene sadly lacking blood when Letty stabbed the other woman in the leg; apparently that wouldn't have been 'hot'. If there has been the same kind of criticism, I haven't found it yet.

Claire was a woman in charge suddenly out of her element.  And I think she handled it pretty darned well. Was she smart in everything she did? No. But when faced with the Indominus Rex...not everyone is going to make smart decisions. But - she made decisions.  She didn't sit there fretting  and looking to Owen to fix everything. She didn't back down when he told her to go back and mocked those heels. She girded herself and marched into certain danger in an effort to rescue her nephews. When the pterosaur tried carrying Owen away, she didn't hesitate to pick his gun up and smack the animal down so that she could tranq it herself. Even when the raptor shattered the window of the vehicle she was driving, she screamed and kept on driving...even managing to maneuver raptor Echo into a tree.

She's not without her flaws, but it is those flaws that make her human and real.  She obviously loves her nephews, but is poor at showing it. She's bound to schedules, which is both good and bad in a woman with her position. She viewed the dinosaurs as attractions rather than living beings, and maybe some of her subordinates as well.  But we saw how she responded when these flaws were challenged and she was forced to face them herself. I don't think she and Owen are destined for a happily ever after, at least not without some compromising on his side as well, but thankfully they're movie characters and not "real" so until the next movie comes out (allegedly in 2018) we can all imagine their future however we wish!

I do hope the sequel has some of the main characters from the first three movies visit at some point...that would be so much fun!

Mom and me! :)
And here it is, past my week to post ... I should wrap this up and post it, I struggled all week to get it done.  I felt so badly over the weekend that I actually slept most of it away.  We came home from Mother's Day dinner with my mom and while hubby mowed the lawn, I crawled back into bed and slept far too many hours. I'm still feeling very lethargic and it makes me worry that the new dosage of thyroid meds isn't adequate.  I've been on the new dosage for a month now, I should be feeling better.  If my  numbers come back good, I may have to ask my endocrinologist for some further help.

Even though I think it's actually Carol's week, I'm going to go ahead and post this. She'll forgive me :)

Hope everyone had a good enough Mother's Day.

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