Sunday, March 13, 2016

Traveling Woman by Robin Janney

Most of the time, I live my entire life in one little square county of Pennsylvania. Monday through Friday I get up and go to work, maybe stop at Walmart on the way home from work and go to bed.  With varying mundane chores in between; and walking my dog.

But since my last short post, I have probably traveled close to 2000 miles outside of my little corner of the universe.  Part of the reason why I'm posting so late, actually at the start of Carol's week, is I'm just plain exhausted even though I've been home since Tuesday.

The "Big Chair" of Thomasville!
The first trip was to Thomasville North Carolina for my Aunt Pat's funeral.  I'm very grateful that my work allowed me to take the time off for this trip, even though aunts (and uncles) don't technically qualify for bereavement leave.

The different ceremonies for my aunt were spread across three days, rather than the usual two.  Mostly because of scheduling at the National Cemetery where she was to be laid to rest.  So late Monday afternoon, after the funeral and the meal that followed, my immediate family and I were left to our own devices.  We didn't want to just sit around, so after some discussion (and finding out what was opened and closed) we ventured into Thomasville in search of the "Big Chair" which as you can see in the photo, we found.  Pretty impressive, even if it does seem strange.  But then, the area's claim to fame is their furniture so I guess it's understandable.

Managed to sneak myself into this one!
Across the road from the big chair, was a pretty fountain and a small clock tower.  We wandered across, and decided to wait to see if it would chime on the hour like the internet said it should.  Of course, we took the opportunity for another photo...or two.

It was a lot of walking for my mother, who walks with a cane, but we managed to keep up with her.  Still, I don't think any of us minded waiting for the top of the hour.

And then when nothing happened, and we started to leave...the darn thing started chiming!  About two minutes past what the clock face said was six o'clock!

After this, we wandered down to the caboose they had sitting on a retired track.  We have one in our town, but this seemed something special since it wasn't...well, wasn't home.  Of course, more pictures followed. 

Antics like this is probably why the town cop kept driving through the center of town real casual like.

There wasn't much else to do after that, so we returned to our rooms for the evening.

After my aunt's internment, my husband and I started the long trip back home.  For the most part, it was uneventful, although we did drive by a tractor trailer accident not to long after it happened.

It was heavier traffic than what either one of us were used to, although according to another brother since we were still moving it wasn't that bad.  Still, we detoured into Fancy Gap, Virginia for a while.  Just to get off the highway and find some breathing room.  Thankfully the rest of the trip was uneventful and we found ourselves home shortly after one in the morning.

Life returned to usual for a few days, and then Mother, my younger sister and I were off in the opposite direction.  North. To Rochester, New York.

First we stopped along the way and picked up one of my brothers, then we headed to Rochester.  To see a specialist for my mother.  She's  been plagued with bladder problems for years and our local specialists no longer have much to offer and they sent her to Strong Memorial Hospital for a second opinion.  And all that ended up happening this trip was the doctor ordering a test Mother has never had done before (which sounds really uncomfortable).  I'm not sure yet whether I'll be able to accompany her in April, but at least my brother and sister are up to speed and could step in just in case.

After lunch, which took longer than expected due to a new waitress, we took a few minutes to relax and site see since we were in another new locale.  My brother found us a waterfall in the middle of the city to look at, so off we went!

High Falls.

HIgh Falls, Genesee River, Rochester NY
Which felt a thousand times higher than what it was.

Pont De Rennes Bridge, from whence the previous picture was taken.
Now, I only made is about halfway across this pedestrian walkway.  Walking down the middle, only looking at my feet or straight out to the left or right, never downish.  I began repeating to myself that "I've been higher. I've been higher."  Indeed, I managed to look down from the top observatory in the Empire States Building in New York City.  This should have been cakewalk.

I did manage to get to the edge of the bridge to take a picture or two.  I never did look straight down even then though.  My body was shaking by the time I got back to where my mother was sitting on one of the many benches they have on the bridge.  It felt to me like the entire bridge was shaking when groups of people would pass.

The rainbow
Still, I managed to stay in control and didn't freak out.  I walked out, took my pictures and enjoyed the view, and then walked back when I decided I had enough.  Even managed to see a rainbow in the falls spray!  And if you look in the background of the first picture of the falls, we were lucky enough to be there when a long train was passing over.

Mother stayed the rest of the week with  my brother, who kindly brought her home today.  I'm not sure I had another trip in me.  I like traveling, although the pre-trip is anxiety-ridden (did I pack everything I need? Where am I going?), but I sure do like landing back at home in my own trailer, in my own bed.

There truly is no place like home.

Although, husband and I are already planning a trip across country.  Hey, nothing wrong with dreaming and planning a few years in advance!

Hope everyone's had a great weekend and may your week be a good one.


  1. Robin, I'm so sorry for your family's loss. I am so grateful your full-time gig permitted you time off to pay your respects in person. Even with the somber circumstances, it looks like you made the most out of your down time to explore a new place. Great pics!

    1. Glad you like the pics! I took most of them, and if I didn't my brother Clifford did (the ones I'm all the way in lol) We've had so many funerals over the past 5-6 years, that we've learned to enjoy whatever family time we get. Even if we do occasionally fight, but hey - we still love each other!