Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Controlling The Speeding Conveyor Belt by Robin Janney

I watched a very encouraging video Sunday by +Bonnie Andrews on her blog Hobby to Hot!   The video link will take you there.  I loved the I Love Lucy reference, I don't think there is a person alive who wouldn't know the chocolate factory scene Bonnie referred to where Lucy is frantically trying to keep up with the chocolate sweets that are coming at her.

Sometimes I doubt what Bonnie claims, that I'm the one in control of the speed of that conveyor belt...you know the one.  Instead of chocolate bonbons coming at us, we get: schedule changes, plans thrown out the window because someone else wants to do a different thing, illnesses - either our own or a friends or worse, family, you name it and it'll fit on this list!  Bonnie was very right when she said that no one is exempt from the "busyness" of life!

I know that Bonnie is right of course, that I'm the one in control of that conveyor belt.  I can't control what comes at me, but I can choose the rate at some of the things headed at me and how I respond to them.  As my husband would be glad to testify, I don't always handle sudden changes with sugary sweet aplomb.  Sometimes I really get downright bitchy if something takes me away from what I had planned.  When I want to write, that's all I want to do, but sometimes life has other ideas.

There are ways I can control this better though.  Less time on Facebook would be a great place to start. Even though it can be a great source of humor, it can also be a time waster.  I could work on blog posts on my phone app while at work, or play my games at work so that when I get home I'm ready to focus on what I need to do.  Communicating better with the husband is always a must, as he does have a habit of changing what I have planned.

As I'm writing this, and thinking things up on the fly, I'm not sure how to handle the laggy computer.  This is the number one reason why I work with my phone or a book next to me, so that I have something to do while the computer catches up to me.  The only problem with that is I get caught up in the book or the phone and forget to check back on the computer and loose precious moments.

But as a death in my husband's family, my family now too, reminds me - some moments are more precious than others.  I don't have to post to my blog everyday.  And even if I don't get time on my story logged on the computer, I can always write it freehand or makes notes for later.  Nothing has to be lost.  As much as I love to write and read, time spent with loved ones is more important.  So maybe my husband sidetracking me last weekend is an okay thing.

Because the belt doesn't always have to go fast.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.  So if you're feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to look at what you have going on.  See what you can slow down.

I'm going to leave it at that for now.

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