Monday, February 17, 2014

Whistling Dixie and Other Tunes

by: Robin Janney

I was wondering what to put up for this week's post.  I've been so busy the past week or so, going here and going there, that I haven't even had time to work on my second novel or even my own blog!  But then I had a moment to read C. P.'s post and thought I'd add my own thoughts to it.

While I love music, and am constantly broadening my listening repertoire, I don't always write with music on.  At this moment, the only sounds I hear are the washing machine doing its never ending job and the neighbor pounding on something...most likely trying to break up ice from our numerous snow storms.

The series I am writing is dubbed "The Country Music Series" for a variety of reasons.  The majority of my favorite music happens to be country, from Alan Jackson to Dwight Yoakam.  And since the novel is set in a small country town, I figured it would fit.  Not to mention that the book titles will bear a striking resemblance to some country song titles.  I also thought it would be fun because of my tendency to mix in a little Fantasy into my Romance, and I can't imagine a more unlikely pairing than Country Music and Fantasy.  What can I say, I guess I'm twisted like that!

Add to that the mention of different Country songs and artists.  Craig, the male lead in my novels, is the one who is the country music fan.  He's the one who makes the CD mix for their wedding night, he's the one who picks a country song for them to dance to after he proposes to her.  There will be other music references in the later novels, as Angela (the female lead) begins to listen to other types of music as she spreads her wings, but Country will still be the predominant music of choice...even when they stand in the heart of New York City.

And let's be honest.  Country love songs have a certain reputation.  Something addressed early in the novel between Angela and another female character.  Here, read it for yourself:

             Another woman came in just then, interrupting Angela’s thoughts.
             “Hi, Cori,” she said in greeting, as she recognized the other woman. “How’s it been going?”
             "Same as always,” responded the taller woman as she poured herself a cup of the decaffeinated coffee. “Like a country love song.”
             “That bad, huh?” Angela asked with a smile.
             Cori smiled back, her tired eyes lighting with long forgotten humor. “Oh, yeah, you’d better believe it. Dog’s run away for the third time this month, the kids are sick, and my boyfriend just got laid off, and things have been good.”
             “I’m sorry to hear that,” Angela said sympathetically. “I’m sure the dog will come back any day now.”
           The two women laughed at the joke that dated back to their time in high school.

At this moment, you would have no idea that Angela just met one of her antagonists for the novel.  She certainly had no idea either.  She thought she was just sharing a joke with an old high school friend.

But the day is young yet, or young enough, and I may yet turn some music on to listen to when I get to working on my second novel, presently dubbed Ring of Fire.  I may just hit shuffle on my iPhone, or I may go straight to James Blunt as that's what I'm craving at the moment.


  1. I LIKE THE CONCEPT.My girlfriend always wrote to classical music.I think I write best surrounded by nature , or a sadtime or memories.Of course I write poetry and prose.Go for it.See what happens.
    Just brought Marcy home from the hospital.He was very ill for about 7 weeks.4 at home.I have not been able to get on very often.He is slowly getting better.Trisha Yearwood singing HOW DO I LIVE WITHOUT YOU was a question I kept saying to myself.Maurcy is my everything. Love you and Justin, Joan Meeker

    1. We love you too Joan :) Glad to hear Marcy's our of the hospital.

      Every writer will have their own 'environment' that will bring out their best work. Sometimes there will be similarities, sometimes not. Music is good in general as it reduces stress, etc. Even if I don't always have it on while writing, there is still usually a remnant playing in the background of my head lol